James KimFront-End Developer
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I am a front-end developer who loves using React to create interactive and engaging web apps. I have a broad experience in web dev, ranging from simple static landing pages to complex full-stack apps.
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Reusable Code

I write reusable and self-documenting React components using Storybook, Typescript and Jest.

Responsive Designs

I design responsive, interactive and engaging web apps. I draw mock-ups, illustrations and icons using Photoshop or Illustrator. I animate them using CSS, Javascript or Unity.

Engaging Data Visualisation

I create interactive and customisable data visualisation that are updated real-time with data from RethinkDB and MongoDB via Websockets using D3.

Maintainable Abstractions

I use common programming patterns and state-management libraries such as Redux to breakdown projects into flexible and maintainable components.
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Get in touch

I am looking for freelance and fulltime work. You can use the form below or email james.kim.nz92@gmail.com.
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